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Spring Turkey: April 2020, Part V (Expedition Memoirs)

The next day we woke with the sun.  I at once occupied myself preparing the fire while we both began the process of breakfast and breaking camp.  Our itinerary called for a drive across the western part of the mountain situated directly to our north, initially doubling back over a portion of the trail we had taken on the way in, passing back into West Virginia and connecting to new trail, one we had never before taken.  If the condition of this new road was anything like the conditions to which we were accustomed, I estimated that it might take us as much as four hours to reach the next campsite.  With this in mind, we got to work disassembling our encampment, packing its individual elements, and loading them onto the Jeep.  This in itself took some time since it was only the second time Mark and I had worked together in breaking camp, and my own singlemindedness could often become overbearing in moments of perceived urgency.

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