Locations in the Solar System


(ter·re·sphere) n. : the area of space contained within Earth’s sphere of gravitational influence and that of its satellites, containing the planet’s moon Luna and the satellites in Lagrangian and high Earth orbits;

Greater Terresphere incorporates the Sun-Earth Lagrange (SEL) points 4 & 5 and their satellites, containing the settlements of Delos (SEL-4) and Tenedos (SEL-5).

Southern California (general headquarters for the Peacekeeping Forces)
Norfolk (major shipyards)
Wallops (spaceport)
Warsaw (headquarters of the international Confederation)

Luna (the moon)
Armstrong City (extensive subsurface settlement)
Aldrin (extensive subsurface settlement)

High Earth orbit
Laika (high polar orbit)
Nephthys (high equatorial orbit)
Dess (high equatorial orbit)

Lagrangian orbits
L1: Midway (asteroid base)
L3: Lilith (asteroid base)
L4: Lynnhaven & Pembroke (Island-3 colony pair)
L5: Alba / Alban space (space polity of multiple Island-3 colonies), Clearwater (Island-2 colony under Alban suzerainty)

Greater Terresphere
Delos (settlement, SEL-4)
Tenedos (settlement, SEL-5)

Terresphere, ca. 2100 CE
A diagram of the Terresphere, circa 2100 CE.


(ar·e·o·sphere) n. : the area of space contained within Mars’ sphere of gravitational influence, containing the planet’s moons Phobos and Deimos and the satellites in high Mars orbit.

Areostrial locations
Tharsis City (settlement built into a crater)
Valles Marineris (settlement built into a canyon)
Elysium (settlement built into a crater)
Victoria (settlement built into a crater)
Harbindale (settlement constructed near polar ice cap)

Orbital locations
Fahiri & Tsavo (Island-3E colony pair, high Mars orbit)
Suffolk (asteroid base, high Mars orbit)
Phobos (natural satellite)
Deimos (natural satellite)

Sunrise in Mars orbit.


(trans·mar·tial) n. : the region of space lying between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, containing the asteroid belt and numerous artificial satellites.

Ceres (asteroid space station)
Pallas (asteroid space station)
Juno (asteroid space station)
8-Gitano (asteroid mining colony, Gitano mining cluster)


(ze·o·sphere) n. : the area of space contained within Jupiter’s sphere of gravitational influence, containing the planet’s moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto, and its numerous other natural and artificial satellites;

Greater Zeosphere incorporates the Sun-Jupiter Lagrange (SJL) points 4 & 5 and the asteroids contained there.

Galilean moons
Io (natural satellite)
Mahon (Island-2 colony, Io orbit)
Europa (natural satellite, terraformed)
Ganymede (natural satellite, terraformed)
Callisto (natural satellite, terraformed)

Greater Zeosphere
Al-Basra (Trojan asteroid, SJL-4)


(cro·no·sphere) n. : the area of space contained with Saturn’s sphere of gravitational influence, containing the planet’s moon Titan and numerous natural and artificial satellites.

Titan (natural satellite, terraformed)
Loon River