2100 CE


From the void called chaos emerged a vicious cycle: Just as Caelus did to Terra and her children, so their son Cronus did to Rhea and her children.  And just as Cronus dispatched Caelus for the crimes he had committed, so again Rhea's son Zeus dispatched Cronus and took his place.  And to his consorts and their children, Zeus did as his father and his father's father had done to theirs: abuse and destroy them.  So too do we humans create, abuse, and destroy our own, only to be overthrown by our own offspring.



The events which precipitated the war in our own time are as well understood today as the events leading to the Great War were understood by the participants of its second iteration. In recounting the more complex engagements and the sheer brutality of industrialized conflict, linear narratives like those which open the war become so muddled that a full account of the past may at times be impossible without the aid of imagination.

Among the following pages, the reader will find little regarding the precipitating events of the war precisely because of the way in which those subjects have been covered extensively by others. The aim of this narrative is instead to follow those confused and entangled threads of history born out of individual experience. Here the reader will not be told of the grand strategy employed by the Suffolk Admiralty, or the chaotic events which played out on the floor of the new International Assembly Building in Warsaw. The narrative is instead formed around a series of events and their participants who, by the vagaries of fate and history, set in motion events which concluded humanity’s first great war in space — and suffered for it.

Introduction: Laika’s Revenge | Part 1, Part 2

Act I: Stasis
Prologue: “A Tour of the Solar System”

Scene 1: Julia
Scene 2: Emile
Scene 3: Suffolk
Scene 4: Elysium
Scene 5: 8-Gitano
Scene 6: Titan
Scene 7: Hospital
Scene 8: Landon

Scene 9: Braddox
Scene 10: Zahn
Scene 11: Leopard
Scene 12: Nelson
Scene 13: Oceanfront
Scene 14: Ashland
Scene 15: Venatio
Scene 16: Ad Bestias

Act II: Metabasis
Prologue: “Stanleyville, the Land of King Kapitaal”

Scene 1: Twilight
Scene 2: Corolla
Scene 3: Stripes
Scene 4: Chesapeake
Scene 5: Venator
Scene 6: Gypsy
Scene 7: Maloc
Scene 8: Decision
Scene 9: Noncombatants

Scene 10: Flight
Scene 11: Keelback
Scene 12: Wolf
Scene 13: Notice
Scene 14: Assignment
Scene 15: Apophis
Scene 16: Ceres
Scene 17: Mahon

Act III: Anacalypsis
Prologue: “Hearts of Space”

Scene 1: Denial
Scene 2: Ray
Scene 3: Leopard
Scene 4: Star Dance
Scene 5: Impulse
Scene 6: Breakthrough
Scene 7: Kwan

Scene 8: Morales
Scene 9: Mars
Scene 10: Fahiri
Scene 11: Ultor
Scene 12: Zahn
Scene 13: Santa Barbara

Act IV: Apoleia
Prologue: “Return to Heaven”

Scene 1: Tonans
Scene 2: Survivor
Scene 3: Rendezvous
Scene 4: Feretrius
Scene 5: Diallo
Scene 6: Omphalos
Scene 7: Newtype

Scene 8: Candidate
Scene 9: Star Children
Scene 10: Recollection
Scene 11: Mudahar
Scene 12: Invictus
Scene 13: Resonance
Scene 14: Annihilation

Epilogue: The Nine-Hour War

Postface: On the Eve of War

Appendices & Essays

Abbreviations & Acronyms

Demonyms & Adjectives

Locations in the Solar System

Islands in Space: Types of Space Colonies

The Peacekeeping Forces: A Brief History

The International Confederation: Absolute Capitalism & the Privatization of Democracy

Superweapons of the War in Space: Helion, Electron Saturation, & Entanglement

A Timeline of the War in Space: From Zanscar to Gisgo

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