2100 CE

The Children of Us

It’s a vicious cycle. Just as Caelus did to Terra and her children, so their son Cronus did to Rhea and her children. And just as Cronus dispatched Caelus for the crimes he had committed, so again Rhea’s son Zeus dispatched Cronus, and took his place. And to his consorts and their children, Zeus did as his father and his father’s father had done to theirs: abuse and destroy them. So too do we humans create, abuse, and destroy our own.

The story that follows is an exploration of humanity in conflict, and the destruction such conflicts wreak both physically and psychologically. The premise falls within the realm of science fiction, though much of it can be understood through the filter of trauma and duress. The story is bleak but purposefully so, meant in part to make us think carefully about the decisions we make.

Introduction: “Laika’s Revenge”

Prologue: “A Tour of the Solar System”

I: Stalemate

II: Change

III: Breakthrough

IV: Return

Epilogue: “The Nine-Hour War”


Locations in the Solar System

Demonyms & Adjectives

Abbreviations & Acronyms

Islands in Space: Types of Space Colonies

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